Upgrade your turk's head rings with us!

Time to upgrade your Turks Head Rings?

How would you like to transform your old Turks head rings, wedding bands, unused or broken jewelry, for our all new and improved comfort nautical rings? it's easier than you think, imagine yourself wearing the best seafaring inspired rings, on the boat, office or anytime.

Our improved rings easily outlast other rings, because each one is meticulously handmade with the best materials, over 41 years of experience, and yes, we do all the work in our shop.

Save money by using unused or broken jewelry, we'll recycle and create your new Turk's-Head rings, inspired by classic seafaring knots and weaves.

Start by giving us a call or sending an email, we make our new service easy and quick, simple, and professional, we are her weekdays 6am to 3pm, 24-7 by email info@aumaris.com

Isn't it time to have the rings that express your shared passion for sailing and the sea?

Our adventure designing and creating fine jewelry started back in 1978, we made boatloads of mistakes and what we learned has given us the confidence to offer unmatched quality, build trust with, and exceed our clients' expectations.

What do you think, should we transform your old rings into something better?

Hector Sanchez