Why handmade jewelry,

Truly handcrafted,

From the beginning we opted out from machinery capable of producing hundreds of pieces of jewelry at the time, now days almost anyone with a PC and the right software can make jewelry right?, but never a  piece that can be considered one-of-a-kind, with true quality and meaning that add value to a handmade piece of real jewelry.


When you buy handmade jewelry for an independent artisan he or she are more likely to put heart and soul to create the jewelry that tells your story, furthermore the artisan will be the a go-to when regular check-ups and maintenance are required.

For those who value uniqueness and intrinsic value, a handmade engagement and wedding rings are the way to go, the artisan will make sure that they are made just for you, and all your boxes are checked before your rings are in your hands.

More expensive?

Not really; creating a nautical ring, bracelet, necklace or other piece of fine jewelry takes time and skill the are learned through long years of practice, and the materials must be first class, and obtained from reputable providers.

We would like to hear what makes handmade jewelry special for you, tell us here.