Tips for buying the best diamond engagement ring

We hope these simple steps help you make the right choice when shopping for a diamond engagement ring,

5 Shopping Tips, forget old-fashion ideas about how many paychecks you should save and spend, follow this simple path to success.

  • 1.Set your budget, Estimate what kind of payment you feel it's okay for you.

  • 2. Select the cut that has the most impact on her and a diamond’s sparkle. Choose the highest cut grade you can afford.

  • 3. How important is carat size? Balance carat weight with the cut grade and color for maximum wow factor.

  • 4. Select a metal and ring style that fits right for the person it’s meant for. The right answer here is all about personal style.

  • 5. request the diamond’s GIA grading report to validate that you’re getting what you are paying for.

FYI 1 carat equals 100 points

These ar some classic cuts and shapes








I know is not easy finding the perfect engagement ring that will sweep her off her feet; we at Aumaris believe selecting the one she really wants is most important, and we are here to help you, whether it's your first time proposing or want to do it a second or even third time.

We offer free resources such a GIA prepared guide to the 4 Cs, a most important finger or ring sizer, and most important our years of experience in the nautical jewelry trade.


Hector Sanchez