Turk’s Head rings upgrade made easy!


Turks Head Rings upgrade made easy,

Using your old or broken jewelry to make 1 or more of Aumaris turks Head rings is easy, let us turk=n your scrap into the turk’s head ring(s) you will be proud to wear

Sailing is your passion & lifestyle, and ours is designing distinctive nautical jewelry and intricate rings to fit your style, we guarantee that once we upgrade your ring(s), they will outlast any other nautical rings, plus will include a worry-free lifetime warranty.

Ready to get started? give us a call or send us an email, is easy, simple, and professional, weekdays 6am to 3pm HST, or 24-7 by email info@aumaris.com

Call Hector or Tina now and get started.


“Aumaris Turks head knot rings are known as the perfect seafaring rings, used to celebrate weddings, anniversaries, and more, each one is woven with a variable number of braided strands made of sterling silver, solid gold, or platinum to form an endless closed ring. Each Turk's head ring is individually crafted and your satisfaction is guaranteed”