About us,

Aumaris original Nautical Jewelry is handcrafted with a natural approach to jewelry design, to ensure each piece is environmentally friendly, socially responsible and unique.
Hector Sanchez was born, the second child of a master jeweler. He is the one to inherit a legacy of jewelry craftsmanship that spanned three generations. Like his father before him, Hector enjoys the art of jewelry making. 
At the age of 16, Hector embarked on an apprenticeship under his father, who taught him the jeweler’s art along with family honored techniques Hector still employs to this day. The rigors of his father’s strict training forged both masterful design skills and an uncompromising work ethic rooted in hard work, perseverance and love for his craft.
 Hector moved to California and worked for eight years in the Los Angeles jewelry district, where he fine-tuned his skills. It was here in the City of Angels that he met sailor and entrepreneur, Bob Bitchin.
Bob shared with Hector his frustration with finding an artist who could bring his vision of a hefty sailor gold bracelet to life (Bob is 6'4"). Hector volunteered to give it a try. He did, and Bob loved it. So much so that in 1990 he joined forces with Hector to start a nautical jewelry business, and together they created among others the original Turks-Head Comfort Rings. After a few years, Bob decided to cast off and sail into the sunset, while Hector continued designing unique fine nautical jewelry.
To this day Hector continues to work on new designs from his studio in Hawaii, creating some of the most beautiful enduring jewelry designs with his wife Chris; the love of his life.