Our Lifetime Guarantee stipulates:


Aumaris jewelry in Hawaii will: Exchange, Repair, Re-size, Inspect and recondition your jewelry as needed; all you have to do is give us a call and ship your jewelry to our repair facilities.

Please include note with your full name, return address and daytime phone number or email address.

After we examine your jewelry and determine repairs needed, we will contact you with an update, shipping date, and to let you know the cost of shipping. 

Aumaris will replace Diamonds up to .10 carats total weight, and gemstones up to .15 carats total weight, Diamonds larger than these carat weights are re not covered by our Lifetime Guarantee; we suggest you declare each one in your homeowner or renters insurance policy.

Our Lifetime Guarantee is clear and applies to jewelry purchased from Nautical Gold Creations, since 1991, Please let us know if you have questions.

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