The beauty of buying your nautical jewelry from us is that it allows you to deal directly with from us; the designers/creators, a master goldsmith will create a unique piece of jewelry when you order it, he or she will pour heart, soul, and experience to make it exceptional and one-of-a-kind,  unique handcrafted jewelry gift to re-celebrate you most cherished milestones.

Also dealing directly with us eliminates a middle person and saves you money, as far as I know; everybody likes to save money while shopping the gifts of a lifetime. 




We mean real comfort with the best quality, since early 1993, we dedicated ourselves to design and create a new generation of Turks-Head rings for sailors, the "Comfort Sleeve and Rims," has been since adopted by many others, but never equaled, and our clients are delighted.

While sailors quickly welcomed the comfort and quality of our newly upgraded rings, we keep advancing the quality and improving our nautical gold rings to offer the best quality and comfort at fair prices for all.




Our Innovation is not limited to the hand weaved rings, our exclusive new collection of Nautical Engagement Rings fit for your One and Only. Each nautical diamond ring is meticulously handcrafted with your choice of certified diamonds and gemstones, you can select the cut, color, clarity, and carat size that works for you.

For Birthdays, anniversaries or any celebration find the perfect Love Knot she deserves, our original gold knot rings are ideal and as original as her, order here now.